Manpower Supply Services

IMAGINiT Systems Corporation also specializes in providing quality engineering personnel to assist client’s current staff with overload assistance. We provide Engineers, Designers and Drafters in your office or ours. Our Manpower Services are tailored to your specific needs. We provide employees in the following categories:

Our personnel work in your office or ours, under your direction and supervision. Our contract personnel can be provided for a short project or an indefinite period of time. There is NO obligation to retain the services of our assigned personnel any longer than needed. Your company is not responsible for health coverage, vacation-holiday pay, withholding taxes and social security contributions.
You Refer
This scheme allows you to choose and supply the candidate personnel and Imaginit handles everything else. We will provide payroll expenses and all other contributions as required by law. There are no placement fees. So, next time you want to hire someone but only for temporary position, You Refer them to us.